Removes Efflourescence from Brick Pavers and Concrete Products

seal-n-lock-efflo-removerEffloRemover from Seal n Lock is an organic acid which is used to remove efflorescence from brick pavers (a whitish residue that is sometimes apparent on the surface of the pavers) and rust from the surface of the pavers. Our efflorescence remover is user friendly and environmentally safe. EffloRemover is available in a 5 gallon pail, and should be used by an authorized Seal n Lock Professional.

Efflorescence is the white chalky residue that can build up on your paver’s surface over time. It is caused by the natural salts that are part of the  materials used to produce pavers.

With the use of a high quality cleaner, such as Seal n Lock's Efflo Remover, the efflorescence can be removed from your pavers. This will rejuvenate the color and appearance of your paved surface before using our Natural Luster or Super Wet paver sealers.

Now, with our Seal ‘n Lock System and our paver protection products, Paver Sealing Florida will be able to complete most brick paver cleaning and sealing jobs "All In One Day" – with no worries and less downtime for your brick paver project. 

The Seal ‘n Lock System and products are manufactured in Tampa, Florida

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