Trident Paver Sealing Products offers the most innovate, effective and reliable cleaning and sealing products on the market to protect our clients’ concrete, stone and paver investments for years to come. Trident products are offered by SEK Corporation for professional use in the pressure wash industry. For over 30 years, SEK has manufactured premium surface restoration and protection solutions. SEK Corporation is privately owned and headquartered in St. Charles, IL.

Trident Paver Sealing Products are committed to developing innovative, high-quality products—including deep surface cleaners, efflorescence cleaners, penetrating sealers and joint stabilizing sealers—that can fully restore the concrete, stone and paver surfaces your customers have invested so much in. In addition to delivering reliable, durable products at competitive prices, we can help you increase job site speed by using premium performance sealers that go on easy, and will help you return your clients’ surfaces to their original glory in no time. And with NO post-application issues.

Trident’s owned and operated production facilities ensure that only the finest quality raw materials combined with state of the art technology are used in making our products the best in the industry.

Through ongoing research and development, we are able to make advancements to meet the demands of the ever changing surface materials and designs used in projects today and into the future. Over 30 years ago, we were the first to introduce a joint stabilizing sealer that would protect the surface and harden joint sand in segmental pavement systems. In more recent years, we have added Fungal Guard technology to many of our film forming sealers to assist with preventing mold, moss and algae growth on the sealer film. Our newly introduced two-part sealers are made with a new generation of urethane providing the ultimate in surface protection and enhancement.

The Trident Technology Team has many years of experience and expertise with using our products and supporting contractors. This gives us the ability to assist you with each project’s unique needs. When you choose Trident, you can be confident in knowing you are choosing the best.

Trident products are made in the U.S.A with pride and are offered online to contractors and through elite U.S. distributor partners.