Brick Paver Cleaning and Restoration in Tampa Bay Area

Paver Sealing Florida is the Tampa Bay's preferred paver restoration company for timely, reliable service throughout the Tampa Bay area.
We have the knowledge and experience to get your paver sealing job done right, the first time. We are the preferred brick paver and travertine sealing contractor of many Tampa Bay area custom home builders, paver contractors, condo and homeowner's associations throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Paver Restoration Basics

To begin, not all paver systems are installed correctly using the proper base materials, proper compaction, improper grade of paver deck or drains, and many other things that are not apparent immediately  when the pavers are installed by your contractor. An improper or clogged drain can cause a host of other problems for your paver system and do real long-term damage. Improperly graded brick paver or travertine paving systems can direct water towards your house, causing foundation damage, erosion, and more.

How to Restore Brick Pavers

The pavers need to be professionally cleaned with commercial grade pressure washing equipment. (3500-4000 psi) All pavers should be thoroughly washed and cross-washed with a surface cleaner to loosen the dirt and moldy sand between the paver joints. All corners and edges of paver system are detailed with the pressure washer wand, including paver edges around pool screens, columns, edges, and landscaping.

Rinsing The Pavers

After thoroughly double washing the paver area, it is rinsed with a low pressure, high volume rinse tip at 4 gallons per minute. All paver joints are flushed of mold, algae, molded sand, and weeds. After rinsing the area clean, we address the stains and spots with chemical treatment where necessary and additional wanding of the pavers.

Stopping Algae and Mold

If the paver or travertine system has excessive algae, mold, or weeds, an additional step is necessary to help prevent the issue from returning. To help prevent future algae or mold growth, we then flood the paver system and paver joints with our proprietory paver blend that helps kill algae and mold not only on the surface of the pavers, but in the joints, under the paver system, and in the pores of the brick paver itself. After the solution dwells for 30 minutes, the area is re-washed with the surface cleaner and re-flushed as mentioned above.

Resanding the Paver Joints

After the paver system is as clean as possible, the paver joints will need to be refilled with the proper coarse-grained masonry sand. The sand is washed into the paver joints using water, known as the "wet-sanding" method. Wet sanding the pavers is far better than sweeping to properly fill all voids in the paver system. Dry sweeping the sand leaves air gaps and will settle immediately upon contact with water.