Brick Paver Stripping Services in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview

If you have have a bad paver sealing sealer job done on your brick pavers with an oil- based sealer, there's a chance you need to have your brick pavers restored, or stripped, re-sanded, and resealed with a quality water-based sealer. Paver Sealing Florida offers a paver stripping and sealing serevice to bring your pavers back to life.

To begin, it's a LOT of work, and restoring your brick pavers back to their original condition is practically impossible. To get oil- based sealer out of a porous brick paver is no easy task, and often takes 2 or 3 applications of a high grade paint stripper and serious pressure washing at 3500 psi to get the bad sealer out. Most oil based sealers go bad after just a few years, and will turn your entire driveway or pool area white.

In most cases, areas of whiting or failed sealer can be "spot stripped", rather than having to strip the entire area. We will be happy to take a look and give our honest opinion on the condition of your brick pavers and what to expect with the final results. 

Call us today for a free estimate on your paver sealing or brick paver stripping project!