Q: What is the process used to apply Wood Rx?

A: The process includes the following steps:

  1. Prepping the work area for power washing and sealin
  2. Protecting areas that may be sensitive to the cleaning process.
  3. Thoroughly clean the wood surfaces using power washing equipment and environmentally friendly solutions.
  4. Thoroughly flush wood surfaces to provide a clean, wet surface for application of Wood Rx.
  5. Two applications of Wood Rx are applied to insure adequate penetration, and to encapsulation of arsenic from CCA treated lumber.
  6. Clean up the work site, removing all application related material.

Q: My deck is brand new, does it still need to be cleaned?

A: Yes! Although the wood may be new, there are typically waxes, dirt, oils ,and paint on the surface that must be removed to insure adequate penetration of Wood Rx.

Q: I've just finished cleaning my deck. Does it still need to be cleaned before applying Wood Rx?

A: Yes. The manufacturer requires that every recommended process be followed on every application to provide a satisfactory application on every job.

Q: What will the wood look like after Wood Rx is applied?

A: After Wood Rx is applied, the wood will be left with a clean, natural appearance. Wood Rx does not discolor wood, but leaves the natural color.

Q: How long does Wood Rx last?

A: Wood Rx becomes a permanent part of the wood! As long as the wood is there, Wood Rx is there. Typically, a fence or deck should be restained every 3 years.


Q: Will my deck turn gray again?

A: Yes. Wood Rx is inside the wood, the outer edges will continue to naturally oxidize (turn gray). Wood Rx protects the integrity of the wood from being compromised by water-related damage. Oxidation of the wood does not damage the wood, but may present an appearance that cosmetically unacceptable.

Q: How do I keep the wood from turning gray?

A: There are a number of wood brighteners that are available at most Home Improvement Centers. They are fairly easy to apply, and will return the wood to its original coloration for 6 - 9 months.

Staining your wood after Wood Rx is applied will provide a longer solution, but will darken the color of the wood depending on the stain you choose.

Q: Can I stain or paint over Wood Rx?

A: Absolutely! Wood Rx provides a fantastic surface for staining or painting, the stain or paint will last up to 300% longer since water can no longer lift the stain or paint out of the wood.

Q: My deck has been painted, can you clean it off before applying Wood Rx?

A: Removing paint, or solid color stain, from decks is very difficult. In most cases, we recommend scheduling an inspection with your local Authorized Wood Rx Dealer to determine the best solution.